Anchovy white

pag0_010Anchovy selected manually. Conventionally we produce and pack our whitebait. Which it gives it its traditional character providing them with the best qualities. Offering different formats and ingredients (pickled, vinegar, oil ...).



pag0_032Only in the continuous search for the best pickles and / or salted fish, we make our flags.
Manually craft and different pickles are getting strung The most appetizing to the palate Mixtures.
Perfect to take at any time. We offer
That new combinations do not go unnoticed.


Sin_tituloFollowing the oldest and most traditional procedures
food preservation, we attach a process of brining our sardines.
Only through natural processes get the easiest of our sardines will become the star of the table.


pag0_017Cantabrian anchovy from its origin and known for its high quality. It is to work it and manipulate it when we give that texture and flavor that sets us apart. Expert hands, with love and dedication through the years, have led to enhance it to its best quality.